Card Games

Why you should choose JLBET to play card game

No matter what you are playing in the casino, you will get the best of what you are looking for. Players can get a chance to enjoy the fun of various card games. Spin the table to start with the most exciting fun of JLBET Online Casino gaming activities.

JLBET  we seek and select the best. come to serve you at the leading casino camps in the country and also includes online casino games that are popular among gamblers as well Each game will have its strengths, rules, and how to play differently for each game. All players can apply for membership with us. And deposit the initial amount plus free credit to bet on the most popular games on online casinos.

Black Jack

Blackjack or water crow is another popular game around the world that everyone knows. You can easily understand this game. by measuring the result of losing and winning together at Any card whose total is close to 21 is considered to have received the highest score for that turn. And simple card counting rules A = 1 point until the number 9 = 9 points and 10 J Q K = 10 points and the game allows players to draw more until satisfied, but if more than 21 points are considered lost immediately

Cow Cow

Cow Cow is a card game that is similar to normal baccarat. But the betting rules are easier to understand than baccarat. Because on the betting board, there are only 3 options to bet on, which are 1.) Blue Cow (Player) 2.) Red Bull (Banker) and 3.) Tie or Tie with an 8x payout rate by The general game will give you 30 seconds to make a decision, after which you will be ready to receive the full amount of money in your pocket.


Fantan is another popular game as well. because it does not require any techniques therefore relying on horoscopes to bet on number one At the start of the game there are 300 tablets where the dealer will take the cup and count every 4 tablets until there are 1 – 4. Players can bet on 7 types of bets such as Even, Odd, Three, Pass, Corner, Read. and Phan and win the winning result from the remaining tablets


Baccarat is a popular card game in Brazil. It’s easy to play. Not complicated by being a gambling game on the casino website, starting with 2 cards on each side and drawing only 1 more card, not using many techniques. The side with the most points will be the winner.


online roulette It is a wheel that is popular from abroad. By the way, it’s easy. Roulette has numbers to choose from 0 – 36 and players can bet in 4 forms: 1.) Low-High bets 2.) Red-Black bets 3.) Odd-Even numbers bets and finally 4.) Guessing. What number will the glass ball fall? get the property

Se die

Color Disc is another game that should not be overlooked. This game uses pieces with a white face. and the other side is red The rules of play are to cover the pieces with a cup and shake it, then open it to see the pieces that come out. with simple bets such as 4 identical pieces, 3 identical colors, red/white pairs, etc.

Hi-Lo (Sic Bo)

Sic Bo or Sic Bo, a gambling game that has received a lot of attention from Thai players. by looking at the dice results And can bet in 5 main ways 1.) Bet on high-low or small-large 2.) Bet on 1 favorite number 3.) Bet on 2 even numbers 4.) Bet on dice total and finally bet on dice face All ‘Tongs’, with each bet paying the winnings. Varies according to the difficulty of the way we bet.

Tiger Dragon

Tiger and Dragon card game is another popular game that many people are looking for and many camps must be addicted to this game. The method of playing is not very different from the poker game. Because tiger and dragon card games are used to measure results, lose – win only one card, counting from A being the least points to K being the most points. Which side has more points than the other side will be the winner of that game.


JLBET is the best way to enjoy the game and make money at the same time. Online slot has been growing over centuries and with the use of technology, it became the mainstream.