JLBET Exclusive Affiliate Program: Easy Make Money & Quickly Get Rich




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Promosyon Code: JL012

JLBET Exclusive Affiliate Program: Easy Make Money & Quickly Get Rich 

★【JLBET】Exclusive launch of the Easy Make Money & Quickly Get Rich agent plan, allowing you to make money without leaving your home. Move your fingers, promote casually, and easily earn P1,000,000 commission every week!

★ All member accounts can be used to register as an agent to join the alliance cooperation plan, so that the agent account and the member account are consistent.

★ Become an agent and make money at JLBET: Share referral links on social media, invite friends and relatives to join JLBET to recharge and make valid bets. Regardless of winning or losing, you can get a commission of up to 1% of the valid bet and 1% of the recharge amount.


★ Agent Rebate Program 1:


★ Agent Rebate Program2 :



Agent Register

Agent Login


Promotion rules:

★ Use the member account to register the agent, so that the agent account is consistent with the member account.

★ After successful registration, you can log in to the agency platform and view your marketing data and exclusive referral links on the platform.

★ Put your referral link on your website or social media posts. Visitors who click on the link will be taken to the JLBET website where they can register and start playing.

★ Each player can invite as many players as possible. Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Skype, Instagram, Messenger, Viber, Whats app… are all your promotion channels.

★ For your offline valid bets and deposits, you will get a commission of up to 1%.

★ The agency commission is paid on a weekly basis, and the commission can be withdrawn directly without turnover.

★ The commission will be distributed to the agent’s exclusive member account, which is convenient for you to deposit and withdraw.

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