how to bet win on jili casino sabong

Sabong,also known as cockfighting is a well-respected tradition in the jili slot casino philippines.It was officially recognized as a sport in 1974.The event occurs in approximately 2,500 arenas across the country.Sabong makes significant contributions to the economy and has achieved international fame via the World Slasher Cup.

What do the colors blue and red/orange signify in Sabong?

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In a jslot sabong match,birds are marked with colored tapes.The favorite or the champion bird,known as the “Meron”,carries a piece of blue tape. The underdog,known as the “Wala”,carries a piece of red or orange tape.These colors help identify competitors during the fight and jilislots betting process.

jlbet sabong jili casino online

1.Betting on the LIamado:

Bet on the rooster you think is gonna come out on top in the fight. Folks call it betting on the favorite,this type of bet in Filipino is called “Meron”.

2.Betting on the Dejado:

Refers to you have a hunch about the underdog pulling off an upset.If your prediction is right, it pays out big,this filipino betting term called “wala”.

3.Draw - Both Dead:

This result occurs when both roosters die at the end of the battle. The player who bets on this will win the bonus. The player who bets on Meron or wala will not lose and will receive a refund.

4.Draw - Full Time:

This is another jilislots draw in betting,meaning both roosters are still alive after the 10 minute countdown to the end of the fight.If you bet on a draw and both roosters end up alive,you are the winner.If you bet on Wala,Meron or DBD,the bet will be refunded to the player if the rooster survives.

1.Check the shape of the rooster

Before the game,observe how both sides’ sabong flies and jumps during this time.You have to analyze their agility, strength and endurance.Endurance is very important, it is related to whether the rooster will choose to give up the game or continue to fight if it is injured during the game.

2.Rooster statistics before the game

Like traditional cockfights,jili casino cockfights have past data and use this information to make the smartest bets possible.Before the actual game begins,the host will announce the historical data of the rooster.These include wins, losses, draws,and their current weightings,with it being best to bet on the one with the best winning record.


When placing your bets, it is crucial to understand competing cocks and their history.It helps you make the right decisions to win.In addition,betting odds are also important.On jili casino online website you will find only the best Sabang betting sites offering good odds on winning cockfights.

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