Slot Fish Rescue Red Envelope up to 200000P




Promosyon Code: JL003

Slot Fish Rescue Red Envelope up to 200000P

★【JLBET.COM】Members bet on 【Slot】【Fish】, if the loss exceeds P100, they can receive 【Rescue Red Envelope】on the next day.

★ There is no limit to the number of participants. Quickly recommend friends to experience and receive the same red envelope reward.



★ Reward method:

★ On the second day, the red envelope delivery [Rescue Red Envelope] requires 1 times turnover, and you can withdraw cash! [Rescue Red Envelope] Must be claimed within 48 hours, and the bonus will be automatically voided when it expires!

★ There is no need to apply for this bonus, the [Rescue Red Envelope] will be issued by the system!

★ The customer service cannot check whether your account is eligible for the bonus, nor can it check the amount you have received. This reward is distributed randomly by the system!

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